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🔥 $RARE burnt 🔥

Total volume in Doge

Sub 100k Doginals vaulted

$RARE holders

$RARE passes

3 tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Total supply: 333 (200 Bronze, 100 Silver, 33 Gold).

Passes grant you benefits from all utility we developp + a permanent access to the Vault.
These are your gateway to the RARE ecosystem.

Get discounts from the RARE Vault (up to 10% off compared to floors -Note that discounts % will be bigger and bigger as we reach milestones from the roadmap)
+ enter lotteries, get WL or even a RARE council spot depending on the Pass you hold!

Passes act as funding to scale the RAREdrc20 project since we didn’t raise any money.
$RARE was a fair launch. We didn’t deploy it nor mint it but ticker was too great to be ignored. We had to build ont it! We bought our own coins from the market as anyone else ^^

Funds raised will act as a treasury to grow the Vault, set partnerships and run marketing.


Buy $RARE on

$RARE vault

Use your Pass and get up to 10% off on any Doginals vaulted !

The only person you want to talk for OTC deals on Telegram is @corpega
⚠️ We’ll NEVER DM you first – Be extra careful ⚠️

Some collections we vaulted

Doginal Mini Doges

Doge Smokes


Dope Doges


Doginal Toadz

World of Owls

Dogecoin Rocks

Doginal Warriors


Women Punks

Doginals FEPE

Fronk Cartel

Doginal Ape Yatch Club

Doginal Maxi Biz

RARE passes

Your gateway to the RARE ecosystem.
These grant you benefits from all utility we developp.

Supply is 333 forever.

200 Bronze / 100 Silver / 33 Gold

$RARE coin

Use $RARE to get buy Doginals from the Vault.

Total supply: 99,999 deflationary

Burns happen with each Doginals bought from the Vault.
+ key milestones reached from the roadmap.

$RARE tokenomics

Supply 99,999 with deflationary mechanism


⛏️ 100% free mint ⛏️

Deployed: 11.05.2023 | Mint limit: 1 | Mint out: december 2023
We came around with the $RARE project at that time…
Fair launch. We had to buy our own coins as anyone else who didn’t mint


💰 Discounts 💰

Get up to 10% off from the Vault depending on the pass you hold

Discounts will evolve as follow:
$0 to $300k $RARE market cap ⇒ up to 10% off
$300k to $1M ⇒ up to 20% off
$1M to ထ ⇒ up to 50% off

🍀 Lotteries 🍀

You have nothing to lose but everything to win… Lucky you!
Note that ONLY unlisted passes can play!

🎁 WL & Airdrops 🎁

Get WL and CutCut airdropped to your wallet

💎 Staking 💎

$RARE council members get $RARE from staking

Deflationary supply

🔥 Burn from fees 🔥

$RARE coins used from the Vault are burnt for half
Remaining 50% goes to treasury (project development, marketing and partnerships)
💀 Dead wallet: DDogepartyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw1dfzr 💀

$RARE council

— Extra benefits reserved for Gold passes holders that own 1k+ $RARE —


Hold a Gold pass
+ 1k $RARE

🎁 get 10 $RARE/month 🎁


hold a Gold pass
+ 3k $RARE

🎁 get 30 $RARE/month 🎁


Hold a Gold pass
+ 2k $RARE

🎁 get 20 $RARE/month 🎁

Holding a Gold pass and at least 1k $RARE are both required to enter the council. You are rewarded once a month based on random snapshots so you are incentived for holding to maintain your rank.

Rewards. Passive incomes. Staking. Call it as you want but you would agree this is some damn virtuous circle. You are a vip RARE member and we reward you for that… You prominent whale^^

You’re happy to get free coins for sitting on your $RARE bags.
You’re happy to get free coins for sitting on your Gold pass.
You’re happy and it’s great already.

The icing on the cake? The likely price increase based on shock supply coming from Passes and $RARE demand… and all utility that come with it, lucky you!

$RARE leaderboard ranking can be found on

∗ Note that utility can elvolve depending on the $RARE council talks…
For example staking fees could be utilize for CEX listings or any diabolic things the council may think about ^^

🌵 Roadmap 🌵

$RARE market cap milestones unlock special perks

Mint out

Project reveal
X account launched


Website, Telegram,
$RARE subscriptions

$0 to 300k mc

$RARE market cap: $0 to $300k
up to 10% off from the Vault


Partnerships with blue chips
sub 100k Doginals projects

$300k to $1M mc

$RARE market cap: $300 to $1M
up to 20% off from the Vault


… along the way.
Would not be fun otherwise.

$1M+ mc

Full send
up to 50% off from the Vault

More surprises

… as any well-built roadmap.
You don’t wanna be pissed off.


Moon mission

Send both $RARE and OGs Doginals
to the moon. Make fun and chill.

So why $RARE ?

Fuckin kiddin us? The art obviously… And the hot stupid money!
Not convinced? Read it again!


– Passes are the Lambos... $RARE the gas –

 Our partners

Some of the frens me made along the road… Crafting the DRC20/Doginals space together!

Doginals FEPE


Doge Rocks




Epic Doge Pepe


Doge Whales




Doginals Pandas


Dogecoin Rocks




Where to buy $RARE ?

You can buy/sell $RARE on
Same for RARE passes… Find these here

Where can I connect with $RARE on socials ?

We’re on X/Twitter and on Telegram as well.

When will new pieces be added to the Vault ?

We constantly fill the Vault with new pieces. Hang around on a regular basis to find never seen gems.

– Marrying DRC-20 and Doginals together –

 Partner with us

You’re a Doginal project and you’re curious… ?