Elevate your Doginals game:


Lending and Borrowing Made Simple

Unlock the power of DeFi on Doginals with $RAR. This feature addresses liquidity challenges and introduces an innovative solution to the DRC20/Doginals ecosystem. Turn your assets into round-the-clock contributors to your portfolio. Here’s How It Works:

• BORROWING: Use your bluechip Doginals as collateral to borrow Dogecoin. It’s a secure way to access funds without selling your prized assets.
• LENDING: Lend out your Dogecoin and earn additional returns on it. It’s a smart way to make your idle Dogecoin work for you.

Both high-value Doginals and RARE passes can serve as collateral, providing flexibility for borrowers. To participate in lending or borrowing, you’ll need to have $RAR in your wallet, ensuring a seamless DeFi experience.

Fractional Ownership

Unlock access to exclusive Doginals like Mini Doges and Dogecoin Rocks through fractional ownership.

This means:
• Trade smaller portions:
Easily buy, sell, or trade parts of high-value Doginals.
• Invest affordably:
Own a piece of premium Doginals without the full price tag.
• Community powered:
Contribute to or invest in the fractional vault via a dapp.

• $RAR Needed:
Essential for engaging with fractional assets and trading.

Beneficial mechanics: 50% of $RAR used is locked away, enhancing its scarcity and value, while the rest supports our treasury.


    Fully Autonomous: operates on a fully decentralised framework, eliminating the need for trust through automation leveraging Dogecoin technology.

    Market cap $0 to $1M ⇒ enjoy up to 10% off, surpassing doggy market base prices.
    Market cap $1M to $3M ⇒ benefit from up to 20% off
    Market cap $3M to ထ ⇒ avail of up to 50% off

    50% of $RAR utilized are sent to a dead wallet, bolstering token scarcity, while the remainder enriches the treasury, ensuring a sustainable and value-driven ecosystem.

    Inscription 10850
    Doge Doge #105

    Inscription 8961
    Doge Smokes #384

    Inscription 26337
    DogePunk #1076

    Inscription 100354
    Dogecoinpunks #1737

    Inscription 94111
    World of Owls #960

    Inscription 30352
    Random inscription

    Inscription 52406
    Warriors #94

    Inscription 20065
    Mini Doges #5431

    Inscription 92770
    Doginals FEPE #2817

    Inscription 10696
    Dogecoin Rock #2

    Inscription 61298139
    Doginal Maxi Biz #362

    Inscription 84621979
    Doginals Dragon #1570

     Explore the Vault

    Use your Pass and get discounts on any gems here… Much Wow!

    $RARE passes

    Elevate your access within the RARE ecosystem with our distinguished $RARE Passes.
    These are meticulously categorized into three esteemed tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
    Limited in availability, these passes are designed to enrich your experience:

    • BRONZE tier: Limited to 200 holders
    • SILVER tier: Exclusive to 100 holders
    • GOLD tier: Supreme rarity with only 33 available

    Total Supply: A curated collection of 333 passes

    Ownership of a $RARE Pass is your key to unlocking exclusive privileges. These passes are more than assets;  granting you access to Raffles and the coveted Vault. They are your premium connection to the dynamic and exclusive world of the RARE ecosystem.

    Prize draws

    Reserved for Passes and top30 $RAR holders.
    Exclusive raffles are set in motion automatically. A daily draw captures the excitement of winning, with snapshots taken each day to determine eligibility.
    The rewards? Coveted Doginals from premium collections.

    Mystery boxes

    Engage with $RAR through interactive reward challenges, offering a richly animated experience complete with real-time visual effects and sounds. The thrill of the challenge lies in what you can unlock… Will you secure top-tier prizes ?

    🔥 A deflationary approach enhances $RAR’s rarity, with 50% of tokens used directed to a dead wallet, bolstering token value, while the remaining half enriches our treasury.

    Rewards extend beyond Doginals from elite collections to include DRC20 tokens from our partners, adding layers of value to your participation.


    Receive the CutCut collection directly into your wallet, showcasing the next wave of RARE’s official releases.

    $RAR holders, get ready for an array of unique collections. Our founding team has strong connections with leading Crypto Artists eager to contribute to the evolution of the Doginals universe.

    RARE Map: A Digital Treasure

    Inspired by the iconic Million Dollar Homepage, the RARE Map elevates the concept on the Doge blockchain. It features:

    • 1 million blocks:
    A 1000×1000 grid representing Doginals, offering a vast digital canvas.
    • Customizable spaces:
    Buy, mint, or sell blocks. Customize with images, titles, descriptions, and URLs.
    • Expand and conquer:
    Purchase adjacent blocks to create larger displays and dominate the map’s landscape.
    • Exclusive ownership:
    Limited to 1 million blocks, own a unique piece of the Doginals world.

    The RARE Map is your chance to be part of digital history, with each block offering a space for creativity and expression.


    Where Can I Purchase $RAR and RARE Passes ?

    Available for purchase and sale exclusively on doggy.market.
    $RAR     Passes

    What's the current status of the original $RARE Token ?

    With RARE evolution, we are introducing $RAR through fundraising, incorporating a strategic swap of 20% of the new supply to existing $RARE holders. This is a TIME-SENSITIVE OFFER. This program concludes March 31th, midnight UTC.

    Where can I connect with RARE on socials ?

    We’re on X/Twitter and on Telegram as well.

    When will new pieces be added to the Vault ?

    We constantly fill the Vault with new pieces. Hang around on a regular basis to find never seen gems.


    $RARE market cap milestones unlock special perks


    Project reveal
    X account


    Partnerships with blue chips
    Sub 100k Doginals collections

    Mystery boxes

    Interactive reward challenges
    Top-tier prizes for $RAR


    Flex on the grid
    Own a piece of Doginals history 


    Liquid dream


    Website, Telegram,
    Community building

    Vault opening

    Use your Pass to get discounts
    Pay in Doge or $RAR

    $1M to $3M mc

    $RAR market cap: $1M to $3M
    Up to 20% off from the Vault

    $3M+ mc

    Max discounts
    Up to 50% off from the Vault

    More DeFi

    Vault Fractionalization
    Trade blue chips Doginals 

    Up to $1M mc

    $RAR market cap < $1M
    Up to 10% off from the Vault

    Prize draws

    Earn Doginals. Raffles.​
    For Passes and $RAR top30

    RARE Collections

    Hold your Pass
    Exclusive collections airdrops


    … along the way.
    Would not be fun otherwise.


    Achieve full-scale adoption
    of $RAR and Doginals

    We are RARE. Are you ?